Monday, 23 April 2012


My hooyo, she tells me when I am wrong, but she still loves me.

She wears all her colourful clothes.

The sweetest woman on earth.

I know she loves me, with out question.

It’s in the way she smiles, in the way she looks at me.

Love streams from her face.

Every wrinkle tells a story, every smile, and every frown.

The marks drawn on her face, describing what she went through to have me.

Love sweeps me away every time I look at her.

Whether your happy or sad I know and always will, your love is unique, uncontrollable and desirable.

The older I get the more I need you, I long for your embrace a baby longs for milk.

My superhero, my saver without doubt.

A woman who cannot do no wrong in my eyes.

Your beauty is ever lasting, to me your perfect.

My wonder woman, with the ability to make me happy.

Without you I’m nothing, you taught me how to love.

A flower is nothing without it thorns, my protector.

You taught me how to fly, my mummy bird, my teacher.

How can I think about my life, my goals my accomplishments without recognising that without you I would be nothing.

I am who I am due to the people in my life

Thank you hooyo.

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