Monday, 23 April 2012

I wish i knew

The feeling of loneliness is unbearable, inside I feel empty.

Door without a key, a map without a compass.

The hope drains from my body as I make room for a hollow cadge off unhappiness intertwined with remorse and regret.

Confusion fills my mind as I decided my next step.

Where to go? How to start?

Depression hugs me as I grow to believe my realisation off my life.

Tears run from my eyes, this isn’t how it’s meant to be.

My dreams and now I’m left with.


My head hangs, as I grew tried of believing.

No path, no sense off direction, my heartaches.

I feel sick with greed, what happened to what I want?

My stomach holds on to my dreams.

There’s hope, there’s still hope.

I know the ending already

It ends with you and me.

This is my happily ever after.

Without regret, without question we fell in love.

You’re my home, the place where I feel safe, and the love off my life.

You represent my dairy, where I share my life with you.

You are my bed where I dream, my life where I live.

You have a magical power; I would do anything and everything for you.

I smile as I think off you; you are my world, my everything.

The idea off loving someone the way I love you was alien to e.

But I realised it isn’t the idea off love that I was unfamiliar with, it was the idea off finding someone I could share my world with. Someone who would love me as much as I loved him.

Someone who would try for me, someone who would never give up on me.

You make me happy, you make me love life, you make me want more.

Your strengths, your weakness, when you’re sick, when you’re healthy, I will take it all.



And ugly.

You make me better.


My hooyo, she tells me when I am wrong, but she still loves me.

She wears all her colourful clothes.

The sweetest woman on earth.

I know she loves me, with out question.

It’s in the way she smiles, in the way she looks at me.

Love streams from her face.

Every wrinkle tells a story, every smile, and every frown.

The marks drawn on her face, describing what she went through to have me.

Love sweeps me away every time I look at her.

Whether your happy or sad I know and always will, your love is unique, uncontrollable and desirable.

The older I get the more I need you, I long for your embrace a baby longs for milk.

My superhero, my saver without doubt.

A woman who cannot do no wrong in my eyes.

Your beauty is ever lasting, to me your perfect.

My wonder woman, with the ability to make me happy.

Without you I’m nothing, you taught me how to love.

A flower is nothing without it thorns, my protector.

You taught me how to fly, my mummy bird, my teacher.

How can I think about my life, my goals my accomplishments without recognising that without you I would be nothing.

I am who I am due to the people in my life

Thank you hooyo.

Hello is it me your looking for?

Look no further, cause I’m here.

Always have been and always will be.

Look this way, yes me.

Thought you were looking for the one? Yes that’s me.

Hello is it me you looking for?

I’m the girl of your dreams, simple me.

I’m nothing special but I’m her.

Her, the one you’re looking for.

The one that’s perfect for you, that’s completes your universe.

Hello is it me your looking for?

I wasn’t hiding, been here the whole time.

You wasn’t looking close enough been by your side.

Understand that I’m her, the one, the one you been looking for.

Hello is it me your looking for?

No love wrong person, I’m looking for her.

Saturday, 7 April 2012

He said she said

An uncontrollable situation, I need to prove myself.
Need to know the truth, it wasn't me.
Believer me, it wasn't me.
But you told me she said, now your say he said.
I'm frustrated, I'm confused.
Stop pointing the finger.
It weren't me, it was she.
But you told me she said , now your say he said.
Anger burns through my skull like a drill.
My skin crawls while my world claps around me.
Emotions turn to tears, streaming down the river of fear.
But you told me she said, now your say he said.
Confusion bursts in my mind, embarrassment follows fast be hide.
Who's lying, who's telling the truth.
I don't know what to do.
Stop pointing the finger.
But you told me she said, now your say he said.
You are my friend.
You was my friend.

Happily ever after

I had a dream.
A dream about a guy.
A dream about a guy that I loved and he loved me back.
I dreamt that I fell in love with his grace, his mind and who he was.
I dreamt off the man off my dreams.
I dreamt off my prince charming.
I dreamt off my happily ever after.

Eyes Never lies

Who ever said eyes are the window to the soul was right.
As much as you smile, your eyes say it all.
Sadness bleeds from your eyes like gun shot wound.
Pretending isn't gonna resolve anything, you need to face up to your problems.
Pressure fills your face with wrinkles.
Tears streams down, as the hope gets drained from your face.
Its not over.
Its just the beginning.

Endless love

I love you, you understans what I'm saying?
I love you now.
I love you tomorrow.
And I love you forever.
I have and always will.
The love I have for you intertwines in my mind, driving me insane.
I have endless love for you.
I welcome you into my heart like a mother welcomes her new born baby.
I love you now.
I love you tomorrow.
And I love you forever.
Tears flow down my face and drop into the river off sadness as the realisation of me and you comes to an end.
You never love me as much as I love you.
I love you now.
I love you tomorrow.
And I love you forever.
Did you hear me?
I love you.
Madness and rage fills my body, heat streams from my face, I love you, didn't you haer.
Embarrassment Consumes me.
But I love you.
This is not how its suppose to end.
I love you now.
I love you tomorrow.
And I love you forever.
I will never stop loving you.
And I know this is not the end.


I can't breath.
My chest feels tight.
I feel sick.
My stomach aches.
I'm reminded by the love I had for you.
This isn't how its meant to be.
The story isn't meant to end here.
Where is my happily eve after.
I thought I stopped loving you, but I haven't.
Is it to late.
Why do I feel so much pain?
The beating off my heart slow down, I try and exhale.
But I can't.
I'm in so much pain.
I begin to cry.
The first tear represents anger.
The second disappointment.
The forth sadness.
The last regert.
I love you, but why does it hurt so much.
Why does my chest burns, my heartaches.
My mind goes blank, I'm here but I'm not.
Feeling off dizziness sweeps through my body as I begin to feel faint.
You don't care so why do I.
I feel sick, numbness fills my body, my glass heart begins to cut me.
You don't love me , so why do I?
I ignore my feeling for to long.
I never got to say goodbye.
I love you, but I hate you.
I didn't ask to feel like this.
But now its to late.
Nothing I can do but live.
This feeling off hollow, emptiness just has to pass.
Everything might be ok, but then again maybe it will not.
One day I will love again.


I don't understand why you do what you do.
Never thought I would see the day you become a stranger to me.
I don't know you anymore.
I'm questioning if I ever knew the real you.
Have you changed or are you still the same.
Am I just reading between the lines, assuming something that never really exists.
Or am I just hoping for something, did I imagine you.
Is this the real you, cause your actions are speaking louder then your words.
Did I just read you wrong, was the book off you upside down.
Or are you now hiding, becoming something your not just to fit in.
The more I try to make excuses for you the more I realise the bottom line.
The clearest option, your actions.
I was told actions speaks louder then words, and in some cases I believe so.
But with you I can't imagine this is you.
I feel like a mother defending her child, only seeing a pure, innocent being who needs protection.
Actions speak louder then words.
Maybe I should take it like it is, instead of assuming and understand you are who you are due to the things you do.
To me you have changed.
This ain't you.
This ain't the you that I know.
Actions speaks louder then words, and you have spoken.

Sunday, 1 April 2012


I'm sickened by your insecurities, your constant need for approval. Your lack off confidences disgusts me, your doubt drives me insane. Confirmation is not what you need, help is what you should seek. You always underestimate yourself, you are capable off anything.
If only you could see what I see.
Without fear, without doubt I can truly say your beautiful.
By beautiful I'm not only defining your outer exterior I'm describing your soul.
Your beauty is'nt just skin deep, its in the way you talk, the way you walk.
If only you could see what I see.
Every time I think off you I fall forever in love, your humble, your strong, respectful to the bone.
You have your mother's eyes and your father's heart, but the lack off believe is confusing me.
If only you could see what I see.
You have no self worth, you use modesty to cover up your lack of self-esteem.
Trying to describe your mind is like using one word to explain the earth.
Your complex and intelligent mind amazes me.
Every kind thing you do still suprises me.
If only I knew what you saw when you looked at me.

Thursday, 29 March 2012


I love you more then I ever thought possible.
I love the way you are.
But if you do end up changing leave me a note, I don't mind.
Because I believe I will always love you.
Just let me know.

assume nothing

Assumption, what a waste off time.
Assuming, does nothing but confuse you.
If you want to know anything quit wasting your time, and just ask me.
Human mind was designed to communicate.
The more you think, the less you understand.
You don't need to over think, just ask.

Death of a Prince

I'm beginning to doubt your existences, I'm starting to believe your just a figment off my imagination.
Hope drains out off my body as I begin to realise, your not coming.
Butterfilies fill my stomach as I secretly long for you to arrive. But I knew, and I have always known your not and will never come on a white horse to recue me.
Prince Charming is dead.

Apart off me

As I lay my head to rest, I smile as I remember you.
I feel your heart beat slow down as I begin to sleep.
Your apart of me but yet a stranger I've never met.
I can't help but imagine your laugh as i begin to close my eyes.
I dream off you face, your smile and your life.
Your apart of me but yet a stranger I've never met.
As i rock you to sleep I sing you a lullaby, praying for you to become everything i have ever hoped for and more.
Your apart of me but yet a stranger I've never met.
Love fills my heart as tears begin to fall down my cheeks, the overwhelming happiness I feel as I think about you.
Your apart of me but yet a stranger I've never met.
You are mylife, my everything.
I loved you before I met you, I love you without question, unconditionally and honestly.
Your apart of me but yet a stranger I've never met.
The most dangerous thing I have ever done is let a part off my heart run around outside my body.
Your apart off me, and I can't wait to meet you.


I thought there was something there.
Did I imagine it all?
I'm beginning to doubt myself.
The colour off embarrassment washes over my face.
We was almost there.
I see you with another girl, confused I hide behide the door.
My heart sinks, my head hangs down.
We was almost there.
Frustration fills my stomach.
Jealous and rage captures my mind.
The colour of anger torches my face.
We was almost there.
Sickness sweeps my body, as I begin to kneel from the door, I continue to question myself.
A blank expression written on my face, as I try to understand what happened.
You was never mine, I was never yours.
Almost doesn't count.

You dont get it together forget it forever.

Good things come to those who waits.
I waited and waited, oh and waited some more.
How much more clearer can I make this, I love you and I will never stop loving you.
I think about you more then I think about myself. I consider you bestfriend , the one that let me in,. I consider you my protector the one who saved me.
To me you are prefect just the way you are, my prince charming.


Don't underestimate me, I won't disappoint.
I'm a person on earth, an earth that is round.
Anything is possible, as long as you believe.
Us being here now is incredible.
Never could I imagine people walking the earth, their brains, their bodies.
If there is a higher being, a God that created us all.
Then why not follow him, why do we make it hard.
It doesn't make any sense its all black and white.
People was created to worship God (Allah).
So why just not do it.
There obstacles, distractions, the devil.
But I thought everything was possible.
Do we not understand the repercussions that will follow.
The pain we will feel, we was only asked to worship Allah swt


Understand this,
I am strong but I'm weak.
I'm filled with love, but I express hate.
I care but I pretend I don't.
Understand this,
I'm complicated
I'm misunderstood
I'm scared
Understand this,
I love you
But I will never tell you.
Understand this ,
I laugh, I cry, I breath, I bleed.
Understand this,
Its because of you.


Don't assume, listen when I talk, watch what i show you and keep things simple.
When you find out one thing is a lie, you start questioning everything else. Its not called being paranoid, its called being cautions. Close your heart and open your mind.

What's love got to do with it?

If I had to live in a world with no love, I wouldnt wanna live. love is hope, love is beautiful, as you begin to fall in love you feel nothing but happy. Love is about emotions, about not having control of yourself. love is about the good days and the bad days. love is about being silly and acting a fool. Love is about loving the imperfections and loving the perfections. Love is forever, its made to last. Love is the sexiest feeling in the world. What's love got to do with it? Everything, I loved and lost but I'm keep on loving.