Monday, 23 April 2012

I wish i knew

The feeling of loneliness is unbearable, inside I feel empty.

Door without a key, a map without a compass.

The hope drains from my body as I make room for a hollow cadge off unhappiness intertwined with remorse and regret.

Confusion fills my mind as I decided my next step.

Where to go? How to start?

Depression hugs me as I grow to believe my realisation off my life.

Tears run from my eyes, this isn’t how it’s meant to be.

My dreams and now I’m left with.


My head hangs, as I grew tried of believing.

No path, no sense off direction, my heartaches.

I feel sick with greed, what happened to what I want?

My stomach holds on to my dreams.

There’s hope, there’s still hope.

I know the ending already

It ends with you and me.

This is my happily ever after.

Without regret, without question we fell in love.

You’re my home, the place where I feel safe, and the love off my life.

You represent my dairy, where I share my life with you.

You are my bed where I dream, my life where I live.

You have a magical power; I would do anything and everything for you.

I smile as I think off you; you are my world, my everything.

The idea off loving someone the way I love you was alien to e.

But I realised it isn’t the idea off love that I was unfamiliar with, it was the idea off finding someone I could share my world with. Someone who would love me as much as I loved him.

Someone who would try for me, someone who would never give up on me.

You make me happy, you make me love life, you make me want more.

Your strengths, your weakness, when you’re sick, when you’re healthy, I will take it all.



And ugly.

You make me better.


My hooyo, she tells me when I am wrong, but she still loves me.

She wears all her colourful clothes.

The sweetest woman on earth.

I know she loves me, with out question.

It’s in the way she smiles, in the way she looks at me.

Love streams from her face.

Every wrinkle tells a story, every smile, and every frown.

The marks drawn on her face, describing what she went through to have me.

Love sweeps me away every time I look at her.

Whether your happy or sad I know and always will, your love is unique, uncontrollable and desirable.

The older I get the more I need you, I long for your embrace a baby longs for milk.

My superhero, my saver without doubt.

A woman who cannot do no wrong in my eyes.

Your beauty is ever lasting, to me your perfect.

My wonder woman, with the ability to make me happy.

Without you I’m nothing, you taught me how to love.

A flower is nothing without it thorns, my protector.

You taught me how to fly, my mummy bird, my teacher.

How can I think about my life, my goals my accomplishments without recognising that without you I would be nothing.

I am who I am due to the people in my life

Thank you hooyo.

Hello is it me your looking for?

Look no further, cause I’m here.

Always have been and always will be.

Look this way, yes me.

Thought you were looking for the one? Yes that’s me.

Hello is it me you looking for?

I’m the girl of your dreams, simple me.

I’m nothing special but I’m her.

Her, the one you’re looking for.

The one that’s perfect for you, that’s completes your universe.

Hello is it me your looking for?

I wasn’t hiding, been here the whole time.

You wasn’t looking close enough been by your side.

Understand that I’m her, the one, the one you been looking for.

Hello is it me your looking for?

No love wrong person, I’m looking for her.

Saturday, 7 April 2012

He said she said

An uncontrollable situation, I need to prove myself.
Need to know the truth, it wasn't me.
Believer me, it wasn't me.
But you told me she said, now your say he said.
I'm frustrated, I'm confused.
Stop pointing the finger.
It weren't me, it was she.
But you told me she said , now your say he said.
Anger burns through my skull like a drill.
My skin crawls while my world claps around me.
Emotions turn to tears, streaming down the river of fear.
But you told me she said, now your say he said.
Confusion bursts in my mind, embarrassment follows fast be hide.
Who's lying, who's telling the truth.
I don't know what to do.
Stop pointing the finger.
But you told me she said, now your say he said.
You are my friend.
You was my friend.

Happily ever after

I had a dream.
A dream about a guy.
A dream about a guy that I loved and he loved me back.
I dreamt that I fell in love with his grace, his mind and who he was.
I dreamt off the man off my dreams.
I dreamt off my prince charming.
I dreamt off my happily ever after.

Eyes Never lies

Who ever said eyes are the window to the soul was right.
As much as you smile, your eyes say it all.
Sadness bleeds from your eyes like gun shot wound.
Pretending isn't gonna resolve anything, you need to face up to your problems.
Pressure fills your face with wrinkles.
Tears streams down, as the hope gets drained from your face.
Its not over.
Its just the beginning.