Thursday, 29 March 2012


I love you more then I ever thought possible.
I love the way you are.
But if you do end up changing leave me a note, I don't mind.
Because I believe I will always love you.
Just let me know.

assume nothing

Assumption, what a waste off time.
Assuming, does nothing but confuse you.
If you want to know anything quit wasting your time, and just ask me.
Human mind was designed to communicate.
The more you think, the less you understand.
You don't need to over think, just ask.

Death of a Prince

I'm beginning to doubt your existences, I'm starting to believe your just a figment off my imagination.
Hope drains out off my body as I begin to realise, your not coming.
Butterfilies fill my stomach as I secretly long for you to arrive. But I knew, and I have always known your not and will never come on a white horse to recue me.
Prince Charming is dead.

Apart off me

As I lay my head to rest, I smile as I remember you.
I feel your heart beat slow down as I begin to sleep.
Your apart of me but yet a stranger I've never met.
I can't help but imagine your laugh as i begin to close my eyes.
I dream off you face, your smile and your life.
Your apart of me but yet a stranger I've never met.
As i rock you to sleep I sing you a lullaby, praying for you to become everything i have ever hoped for and more.
Your apart of me but yet a stranger I've never met.
Love fills my heart as tears begin to fall down my cheeks, the overwhelming happiness I feel as I think about you.
Your apart of me but yet a stranger I've never met.
You are mylife, my everything.
I loved you before I met you, I love you without question, unconditionally and honestly.
Your apart of me but yet a stranger I've never met.
The most dangerous thing I have ever done is let a part off my heart run around outside my body.
Your apart off me, and I can't wait to meet you.


I thought there was something there.
Did I imagine it all?
I'm beginning to doubt myself.
The colour off embarrassment washes over my face.
We was almost there.
I see you with another girl, confused I hide behide the door.
My heart sinks, my head hangs down.
We was almost there.
Frustration fills my stomach.
Jealous and rage captures my mind.
The colour of anger torches my face.
We was almost there.
Sickness sweeps my body, as I begin to kneel from the door, I continue to question myself.
A blank expression written on my face, as I try to understand what happened.
You was never mine, I was never yours.
Almost doesn't count.

You dont get it together forget it forever.

Good things come to those who waits.
I waited and waited, oh and waited some more.
How much more clearer can I make this, I love you and I will never stop loving you.
I think about you more then I think about myself. I consider you bestfriend , the one that let me in,. I consider you my protector the one who saved me.
To me you are prefect just the way you are, my prince charming.


Don't underestimate me, I won't disappoint.
I'm a person on earth, an earth that is round.
Anything is possible, as long as you believe.
Us being here now is incredible.
Never could I imagine people walking the earth, their brains, their bodies.
If there is a higher being, a God that created us all.
Then why not follow him, why do we make it hard.
It doesn't make any sense its all black and white.
People was created to worship God (Allah).
So why just not do it.
There obstacles, distractions, the devil.
But I thought everything was possible.
Do we not understand the repercussions that will follow.
The pain we will feel, we was only asked to worship Allah swt


Understand this,
I am strong but I'm weak.
I'm filled with love, but I express hate.
I care but I pretend I don't.
Understand this,
I'm complicated
I'm misunderstood
I'm scared
Understand this,
I love you
But I will never tell you.
Understand this ,
I laugh, I cry, I breath, I bleed.
Understand this,
Its because of you.


Don't assume, listen when I talk, watch what i show you and keep things simple.
When you find out one thing is a lie, you start questioning everything else. Its not called being paranoid, its called being cautions. Close your heart and open your mind.

What's love got to do with it?

If I had to live in a world with no love, I wouldnt wanna live. love is hope, love is beautiful, as you begin to fall in love you feel nothing but happy. Love is about emotions, about not having control of yourself. love is about the good days and the bad days. love is about being silly and acting a fool. Love is about loving the imperfections and loving the perfections. Love is forever, its made to last. Love is the sexiest feeling in the world. What's love got to do with it? Everything, I loved and lost but I'm keep on loving.